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April 17, 2014  

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Congratulations to Jib Kelly and crew 2013 Cal 20 Class Champions!! - Tuesday, December 31, 2013


1st Place - Jib Kelly - CBYC

2nd Place - Brian Dair - CYCYF
3rd Place - Mike Wood - ABYC
4th Place - Chris Raab - NHYC
5th Place - Kenny Dair - CBYC

Full results:

Cal 20 Class Championship 2013 - Saturday, August 17, 2013

Qualifying Results from CBYC - Cal 20 Class Championship 2013. Visit for current information and results.

2012 Class Champions !2012 Class Champions ! - Monday, August 20, 2012

 We have a new 2012 Class Champions -

Congratulations -

Mark & Bruce Golison sailing Bandini Mountain from ABYC

The first five boats -

1. Bandini Mountain  Mark & Bruce Golison       ABYC
2. Rubber Dog          Keith Ives/Chuck Stevens ABYC
3. Maniacal               Mike Van Dyke                  ABYC
4. Retread                Stan Gibbs                        ABYC
5. Mr. Hanky             Stu Robertson                   ABYC

All of the results can be found on the LBYC link below on the "read More" link.

More details to follow.

 read more ...
Race Schedule has been Updated for 2012!!! - Friday, April 06, 2012

The race Schedule has been updated - it is not complete, if you have a C-20 race you want to add, please send in the details.


Welcome to the Cal 20 Class Association Website

Cal 20 Class Championship 2013

Qualifying results from CBYC - Cal 20 Class Championship 2013. Visit for current information and results.

2012 Canadian Championships and Waves Regatta Results

1st Place      Jon Thompson           Willie Tippet
2nd Place      Mark Lindeman        Cheap Date
3rd Place      Zenon Samila            Whimsical

It was 2 days of challenging Cal 20 fun and in the end it was a well deserved 1st place for Jon  with 7 bullits in 9 races . Well Done. Congratulations to Mark in 2nd  Place and Zenon in 3rd. Thanks Jon and Mark and crew from the Tacoma Fleet . It was a great event. We appreciate your involvement in the Canadian Cal 20 Championships and look forward to more racing in future events both here and in your home waters as well.

Fleet 38



Keith Ives and Chuck Stevens win the 2011 Cal 20 50th Class Championship! Click here for all results, press release and photos.  You can also visit and go to galleries for great photos.

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Whether you are a Cal 20 owner or a prospective buyer, racer or cruiser, expert sailor or enthusiastic novice, our association wants to provide you access the accumulated knowledge and experience of over 40 years of Cal 20 sailing and ownership.

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51 years after the first boat went into production the California 20, that little twenty footer that inspired a generation of “Fast is Fun” boats, will be enjoying its’ first ever Seattle NOOD one design class at the 2012 Sailing World’s Seattle NOOD’s Regatta. The newly formed District 8, in Tacoma, Washington, will be hosting their first ever district championship in coordination with the Sperry Topsider NOOD regatta, May 20th thru the 22nd, 2012. Co-hosted by Seattle Yacht Club and Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle this regatta brings together the best of Seattle’s round the buoy race committees and puts the clubs and the racers in the national spotlight through the organizing authority, Sailing World.


Designed by Bill Lapworth in 1960 and put into production the next year at the Jensen Marine Factory in Costa Mesa, California, the Cal 20 kept rolling out of the factory until 1,945 of the little suckers were out sailing. As many of you know, the Cal 20 is an inexpensive sturdy little boat - 20’ long, 7’ wide, 2040 lbs. and sailed with a crew of 2 or 3 depending on the conditions. But some things you may not know is that the Cal 20 inspired a generation of sailboat design known as the “Fast is Fun” boats produced throughout the 70’s and 80’s along the California Coast. As early as 1965 the Cal 20 had inspired sailors to design boats that were smaller, faster and lighter. George Olson and the Moore Brothers had been sailing Cal 20’s and were inspired by them into creating the Moore 24. The momentum kept going with Bill Lee and his Santa Cruz line of boats along with Olson’s many other ultralight designs throughout the 80’s. Boats that have been dominating offshore and inshore races for well over 40 years, all inspired by the little Lapworth design, the California 20.


In 2012 the Cal 20 celebrated their 50th anniversary by bringing together 53 boats at the Alamitos Bay Yacht Club in Long Beach, California. 53 boats in 3 classes competed in an event that brought boats and sailors into Long Beach from all over the west coast. They had a three-race qualifying series on Friday, to split the boats between a Gold and Silver fleet, followed by two days of competition with seven races over Saturday and Sunday. The organizers also included a “Bronze” fleet of recreational Cal 20’s - owners of stock boats who just want to join the fun on their own laid-back terms, garnering 8 boats for the Bronze fleet. A serious championship series with a large fleet of competitive 50 year old boats. 


So how are they able to garner such numbers in our down economy, with sailboat racing on the downturn and with sailors fleeing the sport for less expensive and time consuming pastimes? “It’s that they’re inexpensive to buy, own and maintain,” smiles Jon Thompson, captain of Fleet 8 in Tacoma, Washington. “The average price of a good Cal 20 is between $1500 and $3500, usually including a trailer, and can be towed by most small SUV’s and Mini-vans. That’s less than half of what you might spend to get into even a small dinghy today.” With past Championship winners including the likes of America’s Cup sailor John Kostecki and Seattle’s own Bob Pistay, the fleet brings in some very experienced competitors to challenge your sailing skills against.


But the Cal 20 isn’t just a backyard, trailerable lake or inshore boat, this is a sturdy little machine that is up to the harsh challenge of sailing off the Northern coast of California and out into the Pacific Ocean. Who has missed the recent exploits of a certain little San Francisco bay boat owned by Richard Von Ehrenkrook? “The little boat that could”, Von Ehrenkrook's Cal 20, Can O' Whoopass, sailed an impressive race to correct out in in front much bigger boats with much bigger crews to win not only their class but the entire fleet in the Offshore Yacht Racing Association’s Lightship Race!” says Pressure Drop’s Erik Simonson.   “Almost hitting 16 knots in the 30 knot breeze was a new record high for the Can," elates crewman Paul Sutchek. In May 2011 Can O‘ Whoopass was honored to receive the Latitude 38 Sailor of the Month award.

 “In the last few years, Richard Von Ehrenkrook and Paul Sutchek have put up a string of division and overall wins that would be the envy of many racers.” says editors at Latitude 38. “They extended that streak in April, taking overall honors in the 70-boat, nine-division doublehanded fleet in the Singlehanded Sailing Society's Corinthian Race aboard Von Ehrenkrook's Cal 20 Can O' Whoopass. They did it despite the fact that Sutchek was sailing with a broken finger and swollen spleen suffered when they launched off a wave in Island YC's Doublehanded Lightship the month before. "When he hit the boat it sounded like Gallagher hitting a watermelon with a hammer," Von Ehrenkrook said. "All I saw was his finger at a 60 degree angle from where it should have been. He calmly put it back in line and kept going, but I could tell he was hurting." "I still made all the jibes on the way back in," Sutchek said. "They weren't fast, but I completed all of them."


Then there is Robert Crawford’s Cal 20 Black Feathers that became the smallest boat ever to sail in and complete the TransPac in 2008, a 2200 mile single-handed ocean race from San Francisco Bay to Hanalei Bay, Kauai. "Do the race in the boat you have,” Crawford said. “That was the mantra of the Singlehanded Sailing Society in the early 1990's. (There is, of course, an underlying assumption your boat is seaworthy.) At that time, I had an Ericson 32, and after a couple of seasons of sailing the SSS races, I did the '94 TransPac. The preparation for that race, and the race itself, proved to be a worthy and memorable adventure. It is often said the greatest challenge in this race is getting to the starting line...which I believe to be true. Now, fourteen years later, I am back again preparing to run the 2008 TransPac but with a different boat which comes with her own special challenges. The Cal-20 holds a warm spot in the hearts of many a San Francisco Bay sailor. Often it has provided the sailor with his or her first sailing experience. The tiny vessel was intended to be, and truly is, the "common man's" boat. I have enjoyed the last couple of years outfitting this stout little craft with the appropriate equipment to allow for a safe and exciting run for Kauai. Both space and weight limitations presented anticipated, but definite hurdles. Although I am sure to be amongst the last to finish the race, I am hoping my high handicap will keep even the hottest boats a bit on their toes.”


As a seaworthy and challenging boat the Cal 20 Fleet 8 comes together on May 20th for the National Offshore One Design regatta sailed off of Shilshole Bay Marina. For their district championships they hope to bring together boats from from nearby fleets: 7 in Portland, Oregon, 13 in Victoria, British Columbia and 38 in Vancouver, British Columbia. And with hopes of California boats coming North to help support a growing and active Fleet in Washington, Thompson feels “The national spotlight NOOD’s brings to the area and our amazing fleet should be more than enough for boats to make the drive up and down the coast to Seattle. Fleet 8 wants and needs your support, we hope to put together a fleet of 10, 15, maybe even 20 boats for our first ever District 8 championships! Already we have 10 boats committed!”


Learn more about the Cal 20 fleet at their website, and then look into Fleet 8 on Facebook ( or at their home, Tacoma Yacht Club Here. (


Photos and quotes from the Cal 20 website & Bill Knox, Pressure Drops’ Erik Simonson, Robert Crawford’s excellent and informative book Black Feathers: A Pocket Racer Sails The Singlehanded TransPac and Latitude 38.



2012 Canadian Cal 20 Championships

June 23 and 24

Royal Vancouver Yacht Club


2012 Class Championship
 August 16-19

  Long Beach Yacht Club
Long Beach, CA

NOR and SI to come!  

2012 Junior Class Championship

August 25,2012


Long Beach Yacht Club







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